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Shiba Inu Paw Cleaner

Shiba Inu Paw Cleaner

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1. The cup of the foot-washing cup is columnar, with a small upper mouth and a flared rim around the edge of the upper mouth. It has good thermal insulation and is used to prevent dirty water from overflowing during foot washing. At the same time, it also has a certain role to prevent dirty water from splashing;
2. The lower part of the inner cavity is large, which can provide enough cleaning space for pet's paw;
3. The elastic material has high safety. Because the foot wash cup is made of silicone elastomer, it has a certain stretchability. When the upper mouth is smaller than the dog's paw, the dog's paw can still be put into the foot wash cup, and the dog's paw The smaller the gap with the mouth of the foot cup, the stronger the anti-spill function. Moreover, it can be deformed by external pressure to achieve cleaning;
4. The single-layer structure has simple preparation process and simple structure;
5. The soft thorns on the inner wall can take into account both comfort and cleaning effects;
6. The inner wall and bottom surface of the foot wash cup are provided with soft thorns of different lengths for washing and massage.

7. There is also a handle on the perimeter for carrying or hanging.



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